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Aire air Sunnd (Attention to Wellbeing)


  • Learn how our current wellbeing activities can be improved by working with health partners through heritage
  • Discover how recent research into the community use of the Gaelic language can enrich our Gaelic only activities
  • Explore how virtual reality can contribute to our local sense of place, value, identity, and wellbeing
  • Look at how the community can use these pilot studies to shape the development of Sgoil Chàrinis

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The below archive contains all media related to this project. As this project is ongoing, more items continue to be added.


Wellbeing Workshops

One of the goals of this project is to create a survey which can be used by our society to get to know the wellbeing of the community, to see what events work well, and how we can make the best use of our space at Sgoil Cháirinis. Several workshops and activities run with the community ensured that this survey is created collaboratively with the community.

The below gallery includes photos and material related to the wellbeing activities.

Gaelic Workshops and Heritage Walks

Over the month of August, CEUT organised three heritage walks in Gaelic. These were an opportunity to go outdoors, explore heritage places, and learn more about these locations on North Uist in Gaelic. We have created a collection of images and information which reflect the wellbeing of the community members who joined, as well as the historical relevance of these locations.

A gallery of media related to the Gaelic strand of the project.

Digital Fèis

Two weekend events, or Digital Fèis, were held in Carinish School to celebrate the work done by all the strands. These were held on 2-3 September 2022 and 11-12 August 2023. The events were an opportunity for community members to participate in digitising community heritage to improve wellbeing and their Gaelic community.

Browse the below gallery for all digitised heritage.


The logo of the funder, The Ideas Fund, is shown next to CEUT's logo. The other participating partners, University of St Andrews, University of Aberdeen, and University of the Highlands and Islands, are shown by their logo.